What is this study group and how do I join?


Even though every training provider tries to teach their students to the best of their abilities, a fair amount of knowledge will be lost over time and this is down to skills fade. However, the majority of these causes can be rectified with the right approach to continued professional development.


Just what is skill fade?


There have been various studies and lots of research into the subject of skill fade, however it can be defined as the decay of ability or adeptness over a period of non-use. However, a lot will depend on the type and nature of the individual’s expertise or competence.

For example, if you haven’t ridden a bike for a number of years, you’ll still be able to get on and not fall off with relative ease. This kind of skill is like an automatic or natural tendency that is hard to forget and lose.

Conversely, it is much easier to forget how to complete tasks or activities that are more complicated and less predictable. At school, you might have been able to explain Pythagoras’ theorem in great detail. But seeing as you haven’t needed to recite this piece of information for quite a while, that knowledge could easily be lost.

In the world of work, there could be certain skills or pieces of information you were taught early on in your careers. But if you were asked to perform or regurgitate what you were taught, there is every chance you won’t be able to. Therefore, it became necessary that we develop this study group.

This is not as easy an undertaking as some might think, but necessary, so all we ask is a small annual subscription of £25.00 which will go towards the costs of maintaining this online classroom (available only to our students) and can be paid directly via PayPal.

How to access the classroom?

  1. Go to https://study.com/join/classroom.html and enter the Classroom Code that we will give you on confirmation of your subscription.

  2. Complete your registration by entering your name, email, and creating a password you will remember.

  3. Go to your Dashboard, where you will see your assignments for CPD.

  4. Click on a lesson to watch the video and take the comprehension quiz


CPD Course Contents (this will be developed continuously)

Enhanced FPOS study of the Management of Trauma Patients - 34 lessons | average 8 minutes each 

Enhanced FPOS study of the Different types of Trauma - 46 lessons | average 8 minutes each